Thea’s Tree

Thea's TreeA little girl named Thea lives in a city full of “houses, houses, and more houses” and longs for a tree to climb, to hide in, and to sit under and dream. A solitary, beautiful leaf floats past her window and Thea drifts off into a dream. She awakes with a seed in hand. She plants it and a tiny plant sprouts from the soil. Thea and the tree grow. Thea’s children play under the tree, and Thea’s grandchildren, too. The story’s setting is not specified, but Thea’s Papa tells about picking mangoes and guavas and neem leaves to eat. The tender, Chagall-like, ink, pastel, colored pencil, and collage illustrations are magical and portray the beauty in nature. The text is printed over delicate leaf prints. mjw
Title: Thea’s Tree
Author: Judith Clay
: Judith Clay
: Karadi Tales Company Pvt.Ltd., Chennai, India
: 2014
Original Language
: English
: 978-8-181-90297-9
Hardcover pages
: 28
Age range
: 4 up
: Picture Book
Book setting
: Asia
Author’s ethnicity
: German
Author’s residence
: Germany
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: German
Illustrator’s residence
: Germany
: 2011 White Ravens List of the International Youth Library
: Environment, Natural world, Nature, People and places, Trees

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