The God Beneath The Sea

The God Beneath The SeaThe ancient Greek gods and goddesses are brilliantly reimagined in this novel which combines classic Greek myths together to create one continuous story. The story begins when a hideous shrieking baby, later known as Hephaestus, falls into the sea and is raised by sea goddesses Thetis and Eurynome. From then on readers discover the origins of gods and man. This classic of English children’s literature with macabre illustrations effectively introduces young readers to Greek Mythology. ema
Title: The God Beneath The Sea
Author: Leon Garfield (1921-1996) and Edward Blishen (1920-1996)
Illustrator: Charles Keeping (1924- 1988)
Publisher: Doubleday
: 2014
Original Language
: English
Original Title
: The God Beneath The Sea
Original Publisher
: Pantheon Books
Original Copyright: 1970
: 978-0-875-53311-1
Paperback pages: 215
Age range
: 12 up
: Greek Mythology, Fiction
Book setting
: Ancient Greece
Author’s ethnicity
: Both English
Illustrator’s ethnicity: English
Awards: 1970 Carnegie Medal
: Greek gods and goddesses,  Mythology, Reimaginings, Retellings

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