The Lion And The Bird

The Lion And The Bird A heartwarming friendship builds between a lion and a bird after the bird’s wing is injured. The lion generously offers to care for the bird during the winter. Eventually, the bird’s flock returns signaling their parting. One autumn day the pair are reunited and “stay warm again this winter”. Impressive use of splendid illustrations, created using muted washes of brown, blue, and green colored pencil, conveys the changing of seasons and characters’ emotions. Everyone will be delighted along with the lion when  he hears one single note. ema
Title: The Lion And The Bird
Author: Marianne Dubuc
: Marianne Dubuc
: Enchanted Lion Books
: 2014
Original Language
: French
: Claudia Z. Bedrick
Original Title
: Les éditions de la Pastèque
Original Publisher: Le lion et l’oiseau
Original Copyright
: 2013
: 978-1-59270-151-3
Hardcover pages
: 64
Age range
: 4 up
: Picture Book
Author’s ethnicity
: French Canadian
Author’s residence
: France
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: French Canadian
Illustrator’s residence
: France
: 2014 Governor General’s Literacy Award for Illustrations 
: Birds, Helping Others,  Lions, Loneliness,  Nature, Unexpected Friendships, Seasons

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