Tales From Nasreddin Hodja

Tales from Nasreddin HodjaNasreddin Hodja is Turkey’s best-known trickster. These 43 witty and silly short tales are based on the works of Nasreddin, who was born in the village of Horto in south-central Turkey in 1208. Hodja is a title meaning teacher or scholar. Hodja is a hard-working, honest, and beloved character whose advice is solicited by the local villagers. Absurd questions, practical jokes, and witty one-liners characterize the humorous anecdotes. Watercolor and ink drawings add to the fun. mjw
Title: Tales From Nasreddin Hodja
Author: Cengiz Demir
: Oznur Kalender – Erdogan Ogultekin
: Tughra Books
: 2013
Original Language
: Turkish
: Serdar Aslar
Original Title
: Nasrettin Hoca Serisi
Original Copyright
: 2010
: 978-1-59784-285-3
Paperback pages
: 143
Age range
: 7-9
: Fiction, Folktales
Book setting
: Turkey
Author’s ethnicity
: Turkish
Author’s residence
: Istanbul, Turkey
: Central Asia, Folklore, Humor, Middle East, Tales, Wisdom

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