DannyIn this quirky cautionary tale, Danny, the pot-bellied, two-toothed hippopotamus, is having his teeth cleaned by the “cleaner fish” who comment about the large gap between his teeth. He assumes he has a lisp and consults lisping snakes who say that he “sthpeaks thrangely.” Danny doesn’t realize that snakes aren’t good for giving such advice. He goes to a lanky dentist in the city, gets braces, and a brand new lisp. He recommends the procedure to his crocodile friend, who visits the dentist, accidentally devours him, and takes his job. The crocodile becomes a well-established dentist, though some of his patients disappear, and Danny is the “happieth hippopotamuth on earth.” The bold black-line drawings are filled with detail and bright colors, especially yellow, green, and brown. mjw
Title: Danny
Author: Yann and Gwendal Le Bec
: Yann and Gwendal Le Bec
: Flying Eye Books, an imprint of Nobrow Ltd., London
: 2014
Original Language
: English
: 978-1-909263-42-0
Hardcover pages
: 40
Age range
: 3-7
: Picture Book
Author’s ethnicity
: French
Author’s residence
: France
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: French
Illustrator’s residence
: France
: Crocodiles, Dentists, Hippopotamus, Lisp, Self-doubt, Teeth

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