Little Lamb, Have You Any Wool?

Little Lamb have you any woolA rosy-cheeked little boy asks a lamb if he can use its wool to knit himself a sweater, a handsome hat, a long scarf, mittens, socks, and a coat to keep him from shivering in the winter. But then, he worries if the lamb will be cold, shorn of his wool and not protected from the cold. So the boy knits another set of clothes for the lamb. Together, in their warm woolly clothes, they enjoy a now-cozy wintertime. The abstract illustrations done in an unusual color palette of greens and earthy tones, with lots of curly lines, convey the warm message of friendship. This is a non-rhyming adaptation of the classic Baa Baa Black Sheep nursery rhyme. mjw
Title: Little Lamb, Have You Any Wool?
Author: Isabel Minhos Martins
: Yara Kono
: Owlkids Books, Inc.  Toronto, Canada
: 2011
Original Language
: Spanish
: Maureen de Sousa
Original Title
: Ovejita, dame lana
Original Publisher
: Kalandraka Ediciones Andalucia
Original Copyright
: 2010
: 978-1-926973-14-2
Hardcover pages
: 28
Age range
: 3-6
: Picture book
Author’s ethnicity
: Portuguese
Author’s residence
: Lisbon, Portugal
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Brazilian 
Illustrator’s residence
: Lisbon, Portugal
: Cooperation, KIndness, Knitting, Lambs, Sheep, Winter, Wool

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