Sidewalk Flowers

Sidewalk-Flowers-by-Jon-Arno-Lawson-on-BookDragonA young girl, dressed in a red hoodie, and her father walk home from the grocery store through the busy city streets of their black-and-white world in this tender wordless picture book. The digitally edited pen-and-ink and watercolor graphic novel style panels show what the girl sees – colorful weeds and wildflowers sprouting through the cracks in the sidewalks. She gathers these sidewalk flowers. Her father talks on his cellphone and doesn’t even notice. She silently gives dandelions and daffodils to a dead bird lying on the walk, lilacs to a man asleep on a bench, and at home, daisies to her mother and her two younger siblings. Slowly, her world blooms and becomes bright with color. Varying perspectives in the illustrations call attention to the child’s sense of wonder, the power of observation, and the appreciation of natural things that often go unnoticed in our busy world. mjw
Title: Sidewalk Flowers
Author: JonArno Lawson
: Sydney Smith
: Groundwood Books, House of Anansi Books.  Toronto
: 2015
Original Language
: English
: 978-1-55498-4312
Hardcover pages
: 32
Age range
: 4-7
: Wordless picture book
Book setting
: Toronto
Author’s ethnicity
: Canadian
Author’s residence
: Toronto, Canada
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Canadian
Illustrator’s residence
: Toronto, Canada
: Author is a four-time winner of The Lion and The Unicorn Award for Excellence in North American Children’s Poetry
: Cities, Fathers, Flowers, Kindness, Environment, Natural world, Parents, Stories without words, Urban

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