Anton and Piranha

Anton and PiranhaAnton is looking forward to his summer vacation with his grandparents, until they reach the campsite and discover there is no pool. There is just a dark, murky lake filled with disgusting sludge. He is deeply disappointed and cannot understand why the other kids are happy to dive bomb (Caramba!) and swim in it all day long. He goes fishing with his grandfather and discovers a friend – a fish he names Piranha. The humor in this funny, quirky tale about eccentric and witty Anton is universal. Amusing black and white illustrations supplement the text. There is a frog on the corners of the pages, which appears animated if you flick through them quickly. mjw
Title: Anton and Piranha
Author: Milena Baisch
: Elle Kusche
: Andersen Press, London
: 2013
Original Language
: German
: Chantal Wright
Original Title
: Anton Taucht Ab
Original Publisher
: Beltz and Celberg
Original Copyright
: 2010
: 978-184-939-6196
Paperback pages
: 99
Age range
: 9-12
: Fiction
Author’s ethnicity
: German
Author’s residence
: Germany
Translator’s ethnicity
: English
Translator’s residence
: England
: 2011 German Youth Literature Prize, 2015 Marsh Award for Translation shortlist
: Camping, Fish, Grandparents, Piranhas, Vacations

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