Where I Belong

Where I belongTeenager Carrie, adopted as an infant, looks completely different from her parents and is the only black-haired, dark-skinned girl in McDonalds Corners, Ontario. She feels like she is out-of-place. At a hockey game, she meets Tommy, who is from a nearby Mohawk reserve. This leads to the discovery that her biological father is Mohawk. She journeys to Kahnawake, Ontario, to meet him and there realizes that she can love two families. This story of self-discovery takes place during the Oka Crisis in the summer of 1990, which was a 78-day standoff between Mohawk protestors, police, and army over the proposed expansion of a golf course on disputed land that included a Mohawk burial ground. mjw
Title: Where I Belong
Author: Tara White
: Tradewinds Books.  Vancouver, Canada
: 2015
Original Language
: English 
: 978-1-896580-77-7
Paperback pages
: 112
Age range
: 12-15
: Fiction
Book setting
: Canada
Author’s ethnicity
: Mohawk
Author’s residence
: Ontario, Canada
: Canada, Hockey, Indian reservations, Mohawk, Oka Uprising 1990, Quebec history, Self-discovery

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