Father’s Chinese Opera

Father's Chinese Orchestra Book CoverA young boy yearns to be part of his father’s Chinese opera. Day and night, he rehearses acrobatics with the show’s famous choreographer, Gai Chui. When the boy thinks he is ready to perform with the others, Gai Chui has a different opinion. Heartbroken, the boy sulks home to speak with his father. He learns how his father started, having to learn to play all the instruments, so he could lead the opera troupe. Inspired by his father’s story, the boy perseveres in hopes of working his way up to achieving his dream of becoming an acrobat. Drawing from the author/illustrator’s personal life, the story features brilliant, colorful illustrations that add to the heartfelt tone. cc
Title: Father’s Chinese Opera
Author: Rich Lo
Illustrator: Rich Lo
Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Copyright: 2014
Original language: English
ISBN: 978-1628736106
Hardcover pages: 40
Age range: 3-6
Genre: Picture book
Book setting: Hong Kong, China
Author’s ethnicity: Chinese
Author’s residence: United States
Illustrator’s ethnicity: Chinese
Illustrator’s residence: United States
Subjects: Acrobats, Arts, China, Families, Fathers and sons, Opera, Perseverance

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