Archie’s Vacation

Archie's Vacation Book CoverArchie has been hard at work and could use a carefree vacation. Instead of dreaming of the upcoming good times, Archie frantically packs the proper accessories for any imaginable situation including poor weather conditions or eating too much. When Archie tries to force his extremely over-packed suitcase closed, it explodes dramatically as illustrated in a four-page foldout. The dapper, clever canine thinks of a comical solution and finally heads off to paradise. The warm mixed media art and sparing text of Archie’s simple musings such as “canoe? snorkels? cooler?” create a humorous sense of urgency. cc
Title: Archie’s Vacation
Author: Domenica More Gordon
Illustrator: Domenica More Gordon
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books, New York
Copyright: 2014
Original language: English
Original title: Archie’s Holiday
Original publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc., Great Britain
Original copyright: 2013
ISBN: 978-1-61963-190-8
Hardcover pages: 32
Age range: 2-5
Genre: Picture book
Author’s ethnicity: Scottish
Author’s residence: Scotland
Illustrator’s ethnicity: Scottish
Illustrator’s residence: Scotland
Subjects: Animals, Dogs, Luggage, Packing, Preparation, Stories without words, Travel, Vacation

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