Line 135

Line 135 Book CoverA young girl rides a sleek neon green and orange elevated train through crowded French cityscapes and fantastical landscapes to her grandmother’s house. She wants to travel, and she believes that it is possible to know the entire world and understand things better, even though her mother and grandmother are doubtful. Her positive attitude and adventurous spirit come to life in the delicate black and white fine-line double spreads. mjw
Title: Line 135
Author: Germano Zullo
: Albertine
: Chronicle Books, San Francisco
: 2013
Original language
: French
: Chronicle Books, LLC
Original title
: Ligne 135
Original publisher
: Editions La Joie de lire SA, Geneva, Switzerland
Original copyright
: 2012
: 978-1-4521-1934-2
Hardcover pages
: 44
Age range
: 4-8
: Picture book
Book setting
: France
Author’s residence
: Switzerland
Illustrator’s residence
: Switzerland
: 2014 USBBY Outstanding International Books List
: Railroad travel, Travel, Voyages

1 thought on “Line 135

  1. Carol Sabbar

    I’m just wondering if children in the US will be able to identify with trains as a mode of travel and exploration. It makes a lot of sense in Europe, but will children here see trains more as ways to move coal?


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