I See The Sun In Russia

I see the sun in Russia jpgAnton is a young boy growing up in St. Petersburg, Russia, who plays the violin and hopes to be in an orchestra someday. The book offers a snapshot of the daily life of an average Russian family through a child’s eyes. Anton wakes to a snowy morning, attends a special public music school, visits the Hermitage Museum with his class, grocery shops with his mother, plays soccer with a friend, and enjoys dinner with his family. Colorful collage illustrations of St. Petersburg scenery combine photography, cut paper, and drawings. The book is in two languages, print English and cursive Russian. A cultural overview of St. Petersburg, a map, and a glossary are included. This is the fourth book in the I See The Sun series, which reflects both the diversity and similarity of children’s experiences throughout the world. The possibilities for learning are endless. mjw
Title: I See The Sun In Russia
Author: Dedie King
: Judith Inglese
: Satya House Publications, Hardwick, Massachusetts
: 2014
Original language
: English and Russian
: Irina Ossapova
: 978-19358742-5-6
Hardcover pages
: 40
Age range
: 5 and up
: Picture book
Book setting
: St. Petersburg, Russia
Author’s residence
: United States
: Dance-Ballet, Eastern Europe, Grandmothers, Music, Russian Language, St. Petersburg, Violin

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