The Spaghetti Detectives

The Spaghetti Detective Book Cover Rico is “a child proddity,” not prodigy, because his brain works like a “drum full of bingo balls.”  He is also directionally challenged.  His wondering about a single strand of spaghetti on the sidewalk outside his Berlin apartment leads him to Oscar, who is a true child prodigy.  Oscar has a high IQ, a lot of anxieties, and he always wears a blue motorcycle helmet to protect his brain. When Oscar is kidnapped, Rico sets out to find his friend and catch the serial kidnapper know as Mr. 2000. This short novel with compelling characters is thoughtful and fun. mjw
Title: The Spaghetti Detectives
Author: Andreas Steinhofel
: Chicken House, an imprint of Scholastic Inc.
: 2011
Original language
: German
: Chantal Wright
Original title
: Rico, Oskar und die Tieferschatten
Original publisher
: Carlsen Verlag Gmb H, Hamburg
Original copyright
: 2008
: 978-0-545-28975-7
Hardcover pages
: 176
Age range
: 8-14
: Fiction
Book setting
: Berlin, Germany
Author’s residence
: Germany
: 2009 German Youth Literature Prize, 2011 Marsh Award for Translation shortlist
: Apartment houses, Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Berlin, Europe, Germany, Mystery and detective stories, Single parent families, Western Europe

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