Jemmy Button

Jemmy Button Book CoverOrundellico, known as Jemmy Button, (c. 1815 – 1864) was a native from the islands around Tierra del Fuego, at the tip of South America. He was taken to England by Captain Robert FitzRoy on the HMS Beagle to be educated in the ways of Christian and Victorian upper-class customs. He was paid for with a mother of pearl button, hence his nickname. In London, he met King William IV and became quite a celebrity. One year later he was returned to his home where he shed his Victorian clothing, relearned his native language, and realized where he belonged. Bold, over-sized illustrations done in gouache, oil, and collage highlight this picture book inspired by a true story. mjw
Title: Jemmy Button
Author: Jennifer Uman/Valerio Vidali
: Jennifer Uman/Valerio Vidali
: Templar
: 2013
Original language
: English
: 978-0-7636-6487-9
Hardcover pages
: 48
Age range
: 4-7
: Picture book
Book setting
: Victorian England
Author’s residence
: Italy
: 2013 New York Times Best Illustrated List, 2014 Kate Greenaway Medal Long List
: Argentina, Chile, England, Europe, London, Northern Europe, South America, Tierra del Fuego, Western Europe

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