In The Sea There Are Crocodiles

In the Sea There Are Crocodiles Book Cover In 2002, ten-year-old Enaiatollah Akbari’s village in Afghanistan fell prey to the Taliban.  His mother sent him alone to fend for himself.  Dangerous border crossings, trekking on foot across snow-covered mountains in Turkey, hiding in a false bottom of a truck, and steering an inflatable dinghy to Greece are some of the seemingly insurmountable and unimaginable obstacles he faced on his five year journey to Italy, where he sought political asylum.  This is an incredible story of courage, hope, and survival reconstructed from Eniat’s memories by Italian novelist Fabio Geda.  A map of Eniat’s journey is included. mjw
Title: In The Sea There Are Crocodiles
Author: Fabio Geda
: Random House/Anchor Books
: 2011
Original language
: Italian
: Howard Curtis
Original title
: Nel mare ci sono I coccodrilli
Original publisher
: B. C. Dalai editore
Original copyright
: 2010
: 978-0-307-74382-4
Paperback pages
: 224
Age range
: 11 up
: Biography
Book setting
: Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, and Greece
Author’s ethnicity
: Afghani
Author’s residence
: Italy
: Marsh Award for Children’s Literature in Translation
: Afghanistan-history-1989-2001, Asia, Biography, Boys, Europe, Greece, Iran, Travel, Turkey, Pakistan, Political refugees, Immigrants- Italy, South Central Asia, Southern Asia, Southern Europe, Western Asia

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