Mr Leon’s Paris

Mr Leon's Paris Book CoverMr. Leon, in his orange taxi, takes an intriguing assortment of passengers on a trip around the world without ever leaving Paris.  Jeanette, the hairdresser goes to Scissor Row.  A mummy motors to Pyramid Street via Cairo Place.  A poultry peddler travels to Chicken Street from Hen Road and Cockerel Street, steering clear of Fox Boulevard.  Each passenger is linked to his origin or destination.  The book contains a map of Paris where readers can explore the real locations.  Surreal, retro-styled illustrations provide quirky details. mjw
Title: Mr Leon’s Paris
Author: Stephane Yves Barroux
: Stephane Yves Barroux
: Phoenix Yard Books
: 2013
Original language
: French
: Sarah Ardizzone
Original title
: Le Paris de Leon
Original publisher
: Actes Sud, Arles, France
Original copyright
: 2011
: 978-1907912085
Hardcover pages
: 32
Age range
: 5-7
: Picture book
Book setting
: Paris, France
Author’s ethnicity
: French
Author’s residence
: France
: Europe, France, Paris, Voyages around the world, Western Europe

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