Ballad Book Cover This small format story is about a child who walks home from school along the same road every day. It builds over seven sequences. The first contains three images: school, path, and home. The next builds to school, street, path, forest, and home. New words and images are added: a blue witch, a pipe-smoking stranger, foxlike bandits, a hot air balloon, a kidnapped queen, and more, until the child’s world has become enormous. Layer upon layer of bewitching silkscreen tableaux grow in strangeness in this allegory of life’s complexity. mjw
Title: Ballad
Author: Blexbolex
: Blexbolex
: Enchanted Lion Books
: 2013
Original language
: French
: Claudia Z. Bedrick
Original title
: Romance
Original publisher
: Albin Michel Jeunesse
Original copyright
: 2013
: 978-1-59270-137-7
Hardcover pages
: 280
Age range
: 8 up
: Picture book
Author’s residence
: France
: 2013 New York Times Best Illustrated Book Award
: Europe, Imagination, Schools, Western Europe

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