Hey There, Earth Dweller!

This quirky Earth Science book takes readers through a plethora of subjects including the big bang, the history of humankind, climate change, the galaxy, and beyond. A combination of photography and mixed media illustrations add a humorous touch to this comprehensive and engaging read. mm
Title: Hey There, Earth Dweller!
Author: Marc ter Horst
: Wendy Panders
: Simon and Schuster Children’s Publishing Division/ Aladdin/Beyond Words
: 2019
Original Language
: Dutch
: Laura Watkinson
Original Title
: Hé aardbewoner!
Original Publisher: Uitgeverij J.H. Gottmer
Original Copyright
: 2014
: 978-1-58270-656-6
Hardcover pages
: 176
Age range
: 8-12
: Information book
Author’s ethnicity
: Dutch
Author’s residence
: Nijmegen, Netherlands
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Dutch
Illustrator’s residence
: Netherlands
: Animals, Civilization, Earth, History, Humans, Nature, Plants, Space

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