The Branch

urlDuring a harsh, cold winter storm, a small girl’s favorite branch falls off a tree. Devastated, she protects her branch from being taken away to get chopped up. With the help of her kind neighbor, Mr. Frank, she is able to save her favorite branch and transform it into something completely new, but just as much fun. Their time together is full of sanding, measuring, sawing, and varnishing the wood until their new creation is complete. This picture book, illustrated with bright paintings, captures the many emotions of a young child who is leaning how to overcome a sad moment to create new joy.  amo
Title: The Branch
Author: Mireille Messier
: Pierre Pratt
: Kids Can Press
: 2016
: 978-1-7713-8564-0
Hardcover pages
: 32
Age range
: 4-7
: Realistic Fiction, Picture Book
Author’s ethnicity
: Canadian
Author’s residence
: Toronto, Canada
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Canadian
Illustrator’s residence
: Portugal and Canada
: Carpentry, Swings, Trees, Winter

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