The Frog Prince

the-frog-princeIn this retelling of the classic fairytale, The Princess and the Frog, the prince and princess are great friends. The two have no worries in sight except the fact that a grumpy fairy placed a curse on the prince. The prince cannot have too much fun or misfortune will strike. Lovers of fairytales will enjoy noticing familiar fairytale characters in this beautifully illustrated story. The illustrations give a whimsical quality that sets the tone of how magical the gift of friendship can be. ema

Title: The Frog Prince
Author: Ulf Stark 
: Silke Leffler
:  Kvack
: 2014
Original Language
: Swedish
Original Publisher: TITEl Books AB for IKEA
Original Copyright: 2014
ISBN: 802-817-65
Hardcover pages
: 29
Age range: 4-9
: Fiction Picture Book
Authors’ ethnicity: Swedish
Authors’ residence
: Sweden
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Swedish
Illustrator’s residence
: Sweden
Subjects: Fairies, Fairytales, Magic, Princes, Princesses, Retellings

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