Pug Man’s 3 Wishes

Pug Man's 3 WishesPug Man starts his day at 11:48 am. When he first wakes up, everything seems to go wrong. He cannot find anything to eat for breakfast, he has no coffee, and his morning newspaper is dripping wet because of a rainstorm. Pug Man begins to wish that he stayed in bed for the other half of his day. Suddenly a fairy pops into Pug Man’s house. She tells him that she can grant him three wishes. The book’s basic colored pencil illustrations are perfect for telling about a simple man’s wishes.  ema


Title: Pug Man’s 3 Wishes
Author: Sebastian Meschenmoser
: Sebastian Meschenmoser
: North-South
: 2016
Original Language
: German
Original Copyright: 2008
Translator: David Henry Wilson
ISBN: 978-0-7358-4261-8
Hardcover pages
: 48
Age range: 4-8
: Picture Book
Authors’ ethnicity: German
Authors’ residence
: Germany
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: German
Illustrator’s residence
: Germany
Subjects: Dogs, Fairies, Mornings, Pigs, Pugs, Waking up, Wishes

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