The Story Of Hurry

7S-Hurry_cover_final_1024x1024.jpgA loveable donkey named Hurry lives in the Gaza Strip during 2008. He sees that the children around him are struggling and he tries to help cheer them up with rides on his back. Based on the true story of the Happy Land Zoo in the Gaza Strip, Hurry is taken in by a creative zookeeper who had lost his animals due to hunger or injury. Hurry is the solution to the lack of zebras when he is reintroduced to the community with black and white stripes. With an informative historical note at the end, this story shows the resilience of our human spirit. amo
Title: The Story Of Hurry
Author: Emma Williams
: Ibrahim Quraishi
: Seven Stories Press
: 2014
Original Language
: English
: 978-1-60980-589-0
Hardcover pages
: 36
Age range
: 3-7
: Picture Book
Book setting
: Gaza Strip
Author’s ethnicity
: English
Author’s residence
: New York City
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Kenyan
Illustrator’s residence
: Amsterdam
: Animals, Donkeys, Gaza Strip, Zoos

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