999 Frogs and a Little Brother

22493744999 tadpoles are growing together in a big, big pond. One tadpole isn’t growing quite so fast and gets left behind all alone. Fortunately he finds a friend in a small crayfish who thinks the small frog is his big brother. A strong bond is formed until the mother crayfish comes to take little brother away, but their friendship is not forgotten when a big snake comes to the lake. This vividly colored picture book will teach readers to “never underestimate the size of true friendship!”  amo
Title: 999 Frogs and a Little Brother
Author: Ken Kimura
: Yasunari Murakami
: North South 
: 2015
Original Language
: Japanese 
: Japan Foreign-Rights Center
Original Title
:999-hiki no kyodai no Otouto
Original Publisher
: Child Honsha Co., Ltd.
Original Copyright
: 2015
: 978-0-7358-4202-1
Hardcover pages
: 40
Age range
: 4-8
: Picture Book
Author’s ethnicity
: Japanese
Author’s residence
: Japan
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Japanese
Illustrator’s residence
: Japan 
: Crayfish, Friendship, Frogs, Ponds

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