Mister H

7a78e99c8c4f0c50fc616fca19782734Mister H, one of the zoo’s resident hippopotamuses, has listened to the zoo visitors for a long time in order to talk. He decides his time to show off his new skill is when a young girl, Rosanna, walks by. Through some persuasive conversation he convinces Rosanna to unlock his gate so that he can escape the zoo. Once free from the zoo Mister H explores the city by eating pizzas and splashing around in fountains. The detailed paintings illustrate Mister H’s wild adventures through his new surroundings. amo
Title: Mister H
Author: Daniel Nesquens
: Luciano Lozano
: Eerdmans Books
: 2015
Original Language
: Spanish
: Lawrence Schimel
Original Title
: El señor H
Original Publisher
: Editorial Bambú
Original Copyright
: 2011
Hardcover pages
: 61
Age range
: 7-10
: Young Reader Chapter Book
Author’s ethnicity
: Spanish
Author’s residence
: Spain
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Spanish
Illustrator’s residence
: Spain
: Fountains, Hippopotamuses, Pizza, Zoos

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