The Mouse Who Saved Egypt

i643.fsA small mouse stuck in a thorn-bush is freed by an Egyptian Prince. Soon after, the prince becomes the Pharaoh of Egypt. His country flourishes under his rule until the mountain men come to attack. The mouse hears the news so he gathers his friends to save Egypt from the mountain men in an unexpected way. Readers will learn that small acts of kindness can be returned in big ways.  amo
Title: The Mouse Who Saved Egypt
Author: Karim Alrawi
: Bee Willey
: Tradewind Books
: 2011
: 978-1-8965-8079-1
Hardcover pages
: 32
Age range
: 3-6
: Folk Tale, Picture book
Book setting
: Egypt
Author’s ethnicity
: Egyptian
Author’s residence
: Egypt
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: English
Illustrator’s residence
: England
: Egypt, Mice, Pharaohs

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