My Bedtime Monster

My Bedtime MonsterRikki asks her parents for a pet that is cuddly and fierce, can be big or little, and can swim or fly, Rikki’s parents tell her that no animal like that exists. Through her imagination, she creates such a creature. The duo embarks on a journey where the creature changes its shape, size, and attitude on Rikki’s command. The Hans Christian Andersen illustrator uses modern style illustrations to manifest the spirited Rikki’s nighttime adventure with her monster. ema
Title: My Bedtime Monster
Author: Annelies Schwarz
: Květa Pacovská
: Michael Neugebauer Publishing
: 2014
Original Language
: German
: Michael Neugebauer Publishing
Original Title
: DasTier mit den Funkelaugen
Original Publisher
: Beltz Verlag, Weinheim und Basel
Original Copyright
: 1990
: 978-988-8240-47-0
Hardcover pages
: 24 pages
Age range: 3-6
: Picture Book
Author’s ethnicity: Czech
Author’s residence
: lives on the coast of the North Sea
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: Czech
Illustrator’s residence
: Prague
: Recipient of Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2015, Picture Books, illustrator is recipient of the 1992 Hans Christian Andersen Medal, and Author is the winner of the 2001 Culture Prize of the Sudeten German Literature
: Creatures, Imaginary friends, Imagination, Monsters, Pets,

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