Salt To The Sea

Salt To The SeaAs World War II comes to a close in the winter of 1945, refugees flee East Prussia as the Soviet Union advances in the area. Thousands gather at the coast of the Baltic Sea in the hopes of gaining freedom and security by obtaining a ticket on one of the ships. One of these vessels is the Wilhelm Gustloff. Sepetys’ courageous novel sheds light on the greatest tragedy in maritime history and how the carnage resulting from warfare collides with the lives of innocents. Though readers can find the story heartbreaking at times, hope and life are ever present in this novel told by four teenagers from different countries. The honest prose gives voice to those incapable of sharing their story. ema


Title: Salt To The Sea
Author: Ruta Sepetys
: Philomel Books
: 2016
ISBN: 978-0-399-16030-1
Hardcover pages
: 400
Age range: 12-17
: Historical Fiction
Book Setting: East Prussia
Author’s ethnicity
: Lithuanian American
Author’s residence
: Tenessee
Subjects: Death, Maritime tragedy, Refugees, Warfare, World War II

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