The Red Bicycle: The Extraordinary Story Of One Ordinary Bicycle

The Red Bicycle CoverIn this amazing story about a red bike’s journey, Leo outgrows his bike and donates it to a charity which sends bikes to people in countries who cannot afford them. The bike touches all of the lives it encounters. The story invites readers to think about all of the ways a bicycle can help people.  The digitally-inspired illustrations incorporate elements of real acrylic and silkscreen textures. The book also includes excellent resources and activities for educators. ema
Title: The Red Bicycle: The Extraordinary Story Of One Ordinary Bicycle
Author: Jude Isabella
: Simone Shin
:  CitizenKid, a trademark of Kids Can Press Ltd.
:  2015
Original Language
: English
Original Publisher
: Kids Can Press Ltd.
Original Copyright
: 2015
: 978-1-77138-023-2
Hardcover pages
: 32
Age range
: 8-12
: Picture Book
Book setting
: North America, Ghana, and Burkina Faso
Author’s ethnicity
: Canadian
Author’s residence
: British Columbia
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: American
Illustrator’s residence
: San Francisco Bay Area
: Africa, Altruism, Burkina Faso, Bicycles, Caring, Charities, Helping others, Working

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