Amina Through My EyesFourteen-year-old Amina lives in war-torn Somalia. Like her father, she has a passion for creating art which could get her in trouble with the Al-Shabaab, the rebel militant force which uses violence to control Somalia. Suddenly, Amina’s father is arrested for creating art which the Islamic extremists believe is against Islam, and her brother is kidnapped leaving her, her pregnant mother, and her elderly grandmother struggling to survive. Still, Amina firmly believes in creating her street art so the world will be inspired by her artwork which hopes for a better future. This gripping novel, a part of the “Through My Eyes”  series, features a map of Somalia, an author’s note, a timeline of Somali history, a glossary of terms, and research resources to learn more about the country. ema
Title: Amina
Author: J.L. Powers
: Allen & Unwin
: 2015
Original Language
: English
Original Title
: Amina
Original Publisher
: Allen & Unwin
Original Copyright
: 2013
: 978-174331-249-0
Paperback pages: 184
Age range
: 11-14
: Fiction
Book setting
: Somalia in 2011
Author’s ethnicity: American
Author’s residence
: California
: Children Soldiers, Civil war, Hunger, Independence, Islam, Painting, Poetry, Politics, Poverty, Religion

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