Rose Under Fire


Rose Under Fire CoverAmerican Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) pilot, Rose Justice, is captured by the Nazis and is sent to the women’s concentration camp, Ravenshrück. She finds solace in her “camp family” that encourages her  to write about medically experimented upon Polish women. Even in bleak circumstances, Rose finds beauty, bravery, and the hope she will tell the world what she has seen. This heart-wrenching companion  to Code Name Verity by the same author has stunning writing, fascinating characters, and gorgeous imagery. ema
Title: Rose Under Fire
Author:  Elizabeth Wein
: Disney-Hyperion
: 2013
Original Language
: English
ISBN: 978-1-4231-8309-9
Hardcover pages: 368
Age range: Young Adult
: Historical Fiction
Book setting
: England, Scotland, France, and Germany in WWII
Author’s ethnicity
: English; born in New York City
Author’s residence
: Scotland
Awards: 2014 Schneider Family Book Award Winner, 2014 Josette Frank Award Winner, 2014 Boston Globe/Horn Book Award Honor Book, 2014 Golden Kite Award Honor Book
: Adventure, Air Pilots, Concentration Camps, Death, Families, Flying, Female Friendships, Friends, Historical Fiction, Hope, Language, Nazis, Planes, Poetry,  Relationships,  War, Women Air Pilots, World War II

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