Emil and the Detectives

emilYoung schoolboy, Emil Tischbein (Tabletoe in this translation) is excited about his first train ride alone. Pinned into his pocket is the money that he is taking to his grandmother. While Emil is asleep on the train, a mysterious man in a bowler hat steals the money and disappears. With the help of a local boy named Gustav (Gus) and a gang of young detectives, Emil tracks the clever thief through Berlin. The robber is finally arrested and Emil receives a reward of 100 marks. When asked what the moral of the story is, Emil’s grandmother replies “Don’t send cash – use traveler’s checks!” Eighteen delightful black-and-white illustrations make this tale of loyalty, courage, and teamwork come alive. This is Kastner’s best-known work and it is the only one of his pre-1945 books to escape Nazi burning. It has been translated into 59 languages. This edition, the third English translation, provides modernized, colloquial American slang. The story has been filmed several times, including a 1964 Disney adaptation. mjw
Title: Emil and the Detectives: A Novel for Children
Author: Erich Kastner 
: Walter Trier
Introduction: Maurice Sendak
: The Overlook Press, Peter Mayer Publishers, New York
: 2014
Original Language
: German
: W. Martin
Original Title
: Emil und die Detektive
Original Publisher
: Williams and Co. Verlag, Berlin
Original Copyright
: 1929
: 978-1-4683-0829-7
Paperback pages: 159
Age range
: 8 up
: Fiction, Mystery
Book setting
: Berlin
Author’s ethnicity
: German
Author’s residence
: Germany
Illustrator’s ethnicity
: German
Illustrator’s residence
: Germany
Translator’s residence: Chicago and Berlin
: 1960 Hans Christian Andersen Award, 1968 Mildred L. Batchelder Award
: Berlin, Boys, Detectives, Germany, Mothers and sons, Mysteries, Robbers

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