Cinderella: An Islamic Tale

Cinderella An Islamic Tale Book CoverZahra is left alone with a cruel stepmother and snobby stepsisters after her parents die. She is a pious, sweet young woman who endures many trials and tribulations as she is made the servant in her household. When an invitation to the ‘Eid party at the palace arrives at Zahra’s house, she longs to attend. With the help of her long-lost grandmother, Zahra finishes her housework in time to attend the party and gain the attention and affection of the prince. In a hurry to leave the party in time to beat her stepmother and stepsisters home, Zahra loses her beautiful glass slipper. Faith, prayer, and goodness are rewarded in the end of this Islamic version of the classic fairy tale. Beautiful, richly detailed illustrations help bring the text to life. cc
Title: Cinderella: An Islamic Tale
Author: Fawzia Gilani
: Shireen Adams
: The Islamic Foundation
: 2010
Original language
: English
: 978-0-86037-473-2
Hardcover pages
: 44
Age range
: 5-10
: Picture book
Book setting
: Medieval Andalusia
Author’s ethnicity
: Punjabi
Author’s residence
: United States
Illustrator’s residence
: United Kingdom
: Cinderella, Fairy tales, Faith, Folklore, Islam, Muslim, Religion, Spirituality

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