The Runaway Hug

The Runaway Hug Book Cover Lucy asks to borrow her mother’s very last hug before heading off to bed.  She promises to give it back and decides to keep it safe. As she shares the hug with all of her family members, Lucy gets the hug back each time until Annie, the family dog, dashes away with it. This charming and warm story conveys the power and love in ordinary bedtime routines of family life. Mixed-media illustrations follow Lucy’s journey around the house until she is tucked snugly into bed. cc
Title: The Runaway Hug
Author: Nick Bland
: Freya Blackwood
: Random House Children’s Books, New York
: 2013
Original language
: English
Original publisher
: Scholastic Australia, Sydney
Original copyright
: 2011
: 978-0-449-81825-1
Hardcover pages
: 32
Age range
: 3-7
: Picture book
Author’s residence
: Australia
Illustrator’s residence
: Australia
: 2012 Children’s Book Council (CBC) of Australia Award
: Australia, Bedtime routines, Family life, Hugging, Oceania

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