Little Benguin

Little Benguin Book CoverCharming crayon illustrations complement the story of an outcast penguin-rabbit hybrid.  Little Benguin is rejected and feared by others on the tropical island due to his different appearance, causing his self-esteem to crash. One day, a hungry wolf appears and Little Benguin uses his superb skills of running and swimming, products of his mixed-species heritage, to lure the wolf away. This heroism is rewarded when his former tormentors throw a party in his honor.  A contrived attempt to tackle racism and prejudice is present as the underlying message of the story hints that those who are perceived as unusual must prove their worthiness in order to blend in with the norm. cc
Title: Little Benguin
Author: Estelle Billion Spagnol
: Estelle Billion Spagnol
: Holiday House
: 2014
Original language
: French
: Grace Maccarone
Original title
: Petit Lagouin
Original copyright
: 2011
: 978-0823429349
Hardcover pages
: 32
Age range
: 4–8
: Picture book
Author’s residence
: France
: Animals, Bullying, Europe, France, Individuality, Western Europe

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